The Tool Box

I have issues sticking to plans. I have issues setting goals and attaining them and I am not super good quite yet at organizing things like a Ragnar team.

I don’t know why. I do really well on the plan for a week or two and then I either forget or subconsciously sabotage. Neither of those are good.

So I am working on being more productive. That’s my goal. To have a short list of things to to every day that move me towards my end goal. (Slight Edge movements….we will talk about that book another time.)

To move towards my goal, I’ve gathered a couple of tools.


I was lucky enough, with my preorder and insider status and the fact I join too many Facebook groups and read an email from Jon Acuff, to get a preview copy of the book “Do Over”. The jacket says:

Just as a bank account protects you during a financial crunch, a Career Savings Account™ protects you during a career crunch. You need a CSA because you’ll eventually face at least one of these major transitions:

   •  You will hit a Career Ceiling and get stuck, requiring sharp skills to free yourself. 
   •  You will experience a Career Bump and unexpectedly lose your job, requiring strong relationships to survive. 
   •  You will make a Career Jump to a new role, requiring solid character to push through uncertainty and chaos. 
   •  You will get a surprise Career Opportunity, requiring dedicated hustle to take advantage of it. 

It took me sixteen years to figure out how to call a Do Over on my career. Please don’t wait sixteen more seconds before starting yours.

I haven’t started it yet, to be honest. But I did start the 10 day Do Over challenge (It’s one of the bonuses when you pre-order the Do Over book) It’s 10 days out of your life and 10-15 minutes of work every day. You get to revamp whatever you choose. Ten days. You can do it. (And I think this challenge is one that’s only available with the pre-order..)

When I preordered Do Over, I got ANOTHER sweet bonus: the e-book for the 30 Day Hustle. It’s not available any other way. (You can join the 30 Day Hustle Facebook page…but you have to watch Jon Acuff’s blog. He posts a 48 hour open invite and then closes it back up. SO keep an eye on his website because the 30 Day Hustle Facebook page alone is worth the (free) price of admission. OR YOU COULD BUY THE DO-OVER BOOK.)

The second e-book I bought and am LOVING is the 6 Week Declutter Challenge. I am four days in and so far, my kitchen and my living room look incredible. Author Corie Clark starts you off slow, clearing surfaces. Then moves into heavier duty things…but never any more than 15 minutes a day. That’s the beauty, you’re eating the proverbial elephant that is your house….15 minutes at a time. I’ve hauled out 3 huge bags of stuff we don’t need anymore and I’m excited to get more purged!


So all in all, we are in full spring cleaning mode in more ways than one here at Chez Cupcake. I was going to talk about my amazing dayplanner from Erin Condren, but I think that’s gong to have to be all its own post. It’s that amazing.


**despite my ridiculous enthusiasm about these books, I was not paid or compensated in any way to write these reviews. Some of those links *are* affiliate links though, so if you use them to purchase a product, a percentage goes to us. And by “goes to us”, I mean “goes to Wolfgang’s shoes or Chuck’s glitter/tutu/dinosaur/veterinarian collection.”

Take Me to Fitbloggin!

SO MANY AWESOME. (picture from

This is Fitbloggin.

All of these amazing, healthy-minded and completely beautiful people. In one room. From all over the internet, to do some amazing things and a whole lot of workouts and a bunch of shenanigans, because when you get fitness people together, there’s bound to be some craziness ensuing.

I would get to see my most favorite workout partner in the universe, Tasha from Hip Healthy Chick (she’s speaking Friday at 11:30 about Body Love!). I would get to finally meet Kia in real life, though I have “known” her since Chuck was a tiny fresh face (Kia is producing AND emceeing the keynote!). Dani from Weight Off My Shoulders will be there (she is speaking with Tasha on Friday and is my Weight Watchers coach!)

I tried to find a creative way to demonstrate that I would be the most amazing addition to the Fitbloggin 2015 crew….but my problem was that I came up with too many.

  1.  Make a Spotify playlist that is so massively epic, they would have to have me come show off my dance moves. (Oh wait, I did that one.)
  2. I could make an amazing video of me Zumba-ing while listing off all the things I could bring to Fitbloggin. (Due to my inability to stay upright lately and my likelihood of breaking myself or others, I will spare you that video.)
  3. I could write a parody song to the tune of Party Rock or Footloose of Welcome to New York (the only three songs that anyone seems to listen to in my house anymore) with the lyrics reflecting my awesomeness and how well I would fit in at Fitbloggin and how great it would be for all parties involved. (But honestly, with Chuck and Wolfgang and Crossfit and training for a Ragnar and a full time job and the blog to run…I don’t know that I have the brainpower.)
  4. I could call up my BFF Angela and we could film another vlog where we list all the ways Fitbloggin and I would be a perfect match, and how badly I really want to go. All while making really bad jokes and laughing hysterically at ourselves. (I have a few examples of that over on the YouTube channel)
  5. I could find a bunch of Fitbloggin photos from last year and photoshop myself into them. (I have terrible Photoshop skills. So instead, I will provide you with the below photo. I promise there will be as much fun as dinosaurs in party hats and robots could possibly provide if I get to go to Fitbloggin.)

So in conclusion, I would bring 100% more dinosaurs-in-party-hats-and-fancy-robots style fun (AND MUSTACHES!) to Fitbloggin and I would be an amazing addition to the super fun crew that’s already headed that way in June.

And you should go to FitBloggin too! (I mean seriously, take a look at this schedule….)

This is a much more dinosaury and roboty version of the original photo from

This is a much more dinosaury and roboty version of the original photo from

Being a Grownup.


Being a grownup is tough sometimes. I think I’ve been shunning it most of my life, because being an adult used to mean being boring and going to things like art openings and not to things like roller derby. It’s paying bills and not going to

I did not want to be an adult.

But lately, unloading a lot of my stuff and finally getting recycling service at our house and starting (AND FINISHING) a to-do list and organizing the whole house….I think I’ve become an adult.

I think the dayplanner I just ordered from Erin Condren* might do the trick in kicking me full into adulthood. And I’m ok with that.

But the whole point of this post is to tell you a couple of adult things I’m working on for the blog. (And yes, I just realized what “adult things” might mean, and no, I’m not planning on t set days.any of that)

1. More regular posts. 2x a week. Whatever day I feel like.

2. More giveaways. I’ve partnered with a couple of really exciting companies and can’t wait to give you guys more stuff! (PS ENTER THE SPARTAN RACE GIVEAWAY.)

3. More car posts. I’m trying to find the best car for my family, so these test drives are super fun and awesome.

4. More posts about reorganizing. I’m doing some massive purging, and I took so many photos.

SO. Carry on.


*This is a referral link – I get a credit if you choose to order something :)

I am Training for a Spartan.

you’ll know at the finish line. image from


I know I told you guys I was interested in doing a Spartan before. Along with all of the other running craziness I had planned (a Ragnar, a Rebel Challenge and all of the other runs forever and ever), I really want to do a Ragnar.

I’ve been crossfitting and DBWoding (with workouts named things like “Hell is empty and all the devils are here”…wow) to get myself ready.

But how does one really train for a Spartan? How badass does one need to be to holler “AROO!” and go for it? With people like Amanda Sullivan (seriously, go follow her. She and Todd are AWESOME.) being Spartan, can I be a Spartan too?

But with people like my friend Alicia over at NeverEverBeenSkinny hearing the Spartan Up! call (crazy lady is doing a trifecta! SO AWESOME), how could I not join them and be a part of something so amazing? The Spartan community is incredibly supportive and has so many tools to help you train to be a Spartan too. From posting workouts of the day to hosting live workouts to finding a Spartan-trained coach/personal trainer in your area, there are so many ways to get yourself pumped up and prepared to run your own Spartan.

There is also a fantastic new podcast from Joe De Sena, the founder of the Spartan Race! A great choice for your daily commute or your workout or whenever you can listen, the first 15 episodes have been released. Topics range from grit to inspiration to interviews with world-class athletes and Fortune 500 CEOs. Check here for hours of Spartan awesomeness, delivered straight to your ears via iTunes.

So off I go, into the wild blue yonder. Pushing more limits and breaking down more walls. I despise wet socks and mud in my mouth because I am a little prissy sometimes, but I’ll be prepared for this.

I’ll be running the Spartan Sprint in Washougal (in SW Washington) in August…maybe if Chuck is interested, I can get her to run one of the kids races too!

Are you Spartan material? Want to holler “AROO!” with other crazy muddy people and run around obstacles and burpee it up and Spartan Up?

GOOD NEWS:  Spartan has provided me with a race entry to give one of my Bruises in the Frosting readers! Enter below and AROO!

Spartan Race Giveaway!

image from



disclaimer: I did receive a race entry for this post, plus one to give away. All opinions and statements are my own and do not represent the Spartan community.

Tumbling Along

So I am now on Tumblr.

I don’t know why….can someone explain Tumblr to me please?