Oh man.

Head in Hands

Sometimes, being a grownup is stupid.

Sometimes you have to make really not-fun decisions so that other amazing things have room to grow.

Sometimes you have to come to the realization that training for a Ragnar, plus training for another RunDisney challenge, plus training for two half marathons, various 5ks, a Spartan Race and trying to keep your sanity is just not in the cards for you.

Sometimes you have to look at your run schedule, your bank account and the faces of your children and realize your priorities have become a little skewed.


I had to drop out of the Ragnar and suspend my plans to do any more RunDisney races for the rest of the year. It stinks and it made me really sad for a second, but then I realized how much that frees me up for other things.

How’s your week going?

Leave Your Message After the Tone

It’s been a heck of a few weeks. I’ve been working my daily habits. I’ve been cleaning the house and shaking out the winter doldrums. The weather has been stunning.

But that just means I’m out living life instead of sitting at home by the computer, coming up with new content for you all. I’m blazing new trails and breaking old habits. I am improving myself piece by piece and building a better cupcake.

So in lieu of an actual post, I give you this photo of a surfer that I took in January at Sunset Cliffs (I think?) near San Diego. I would like a beach now.surfer

Oh Hey Friday! 3/20/2015

It’s Friday, so you know what time it is.

YES! It’s time for a bunch of random stuff that entertained me during the week, so you can entertain yourself before Fred Flinstone pulls the bird’s tail and makes that whistle sound for Friday.


You go out and have an amazing rest of your Friday. Or whatever day you are reading this….you go out and rock that day :D


image from glee.wikia.comI had a hard time with Glee. It hit so close to home when it was first on the air.

I was a Rachel of sorts when I was in high school. I wanted to be famous. I, however, didn’t have drive like her. I just thought people would give it to me. It doesn’t happen that way.

So I stopped watching.

It was hard for me to watch, as at that point in my life, I was struggling with allowing my past to drown my future. It’s difficult when you are having such deep issues to even enjoy television sometimes.

Luckily, I have done some major renovations in my life. I stripped myself down to the studs and rebuilt myself from the ground up. I stopped letting my emotions control me and stopped letting my past wreck my future. I stopped languishing and started living.

So I gave Glee another chance since Seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now (WOOT) and it’s so much better. I can sing and dance along, I can enjoy it much more than I could when I first sat down to watch it almost 6 years ago.

It’s so great to not have this pressing sorrow on my life and to be able to enjoy.

I’m still sad about Finn, though. :)

Driving Miss Cupcake

IMG_8050So by now, you’ve seen the recap of the drive with the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer GT, and the recap of the Honda Spark drive. I promise there is a point to all of this seemingly random car-driving. I’m actually in the market for a new car.

As I mentioned in the Lancer post, I am coming to the point in every mom’s life where their oldest child starts driving. (I have no idea how Wolfgang got this old, because I’m pretty sure he was 5 last week and I was taking him to his first day of kindergarten…)

Chuck is ACTUALLY going into kindergarten this fall and she’s wanting to do all of these activities and go all of these places and I’m getting more involved in the running community and the Crossfit community (which both involve some travel) and we would like to take a few road trips.

And sadly, Jupiter (our Saturn sedan) is 15 years old and starting to have issues making long trips. SO we are thinking of relegating him to around-town-for-Wolfgang status and buying a brand new ride for Mom.


IMG_8039But a car purchase is a huge commitment! I don’t like shelling out that much money without doing a ridiculous amount of research.

So we (meaning me, but Wolfgang and Chuck are along for the ride) have started the “I Can Drive 55″ project.

I’m lucky enough through some connections to have access to a couple of extended test drive vehicles. I’m keeping all options open and trying any cars they throw down the pike at me, so that may mean I drive some cars that are completely wrong for my family, but I want to try everything!

IMG_8275[1]So I made a list of things I would include in my perfect car.

  1. Gas mileage. We need a car that’s going to get good gas mileage, as lots of my driving is in town. Hybrids would be considered. Electric cars freak me out.
  2. Size/space. Need trunk space. Need to fit at least 4 people COMFORTABLY, plus luggage. Maybe a dog.
  3. Radio. Needs one. Doesn’t need to be fancy. I just like music. CD player necessary.
  4. Good safety rating. I’m carrying precious cargo in my car and I want to keep them safe. No tin cans.
  5. Price point. I’m a single mom. I don’t have a zillion dollars. Probably not going to get a Mercedes unless someone gives me one, which probably won’t happen. :)

That’s pretty much it. Shiny and fast are bonuses. So far, the Lancer hits 4 out of 5 of those (trunk space not optimal) and the Honda hit 4 out of 5 (the space issue is a big one). Stay tuned for another car review coming up towards the end of the month!