One Hell of A Ride.

I just returned from an 8 day life-changing trip.

All of my trips are life-changing, true. But this one hit a lot of sore spots and exposed  a lot of dark spots that had not seen the light in years. If ever.

I went to Portland for work first for three days. I spent time with coworkers I normally only interact with over the internet (we are an entirely virtual company, so my office is currently my front room) and learned a lot about how other people rock their daily work. They are some of my very favorite people and I’m glad to find a position in a company where I feel at home.

Then I spent 4 days in Denver for Fitbloggin. Well, 3ish days at Fitbloggin and one with Kia and her lovely family. I got to stand on what seemed like the top of the world. I crossed something off my bucket list. I had tea in a building so beautiful, I had a tough time finding words.

mind = blown.

I’ll recap more later when I come down from my Rocky Mountain High (see what I did there? Love you, John Denver), but until then, check out my Instagram for some photos to tide you over :)


Cupcake On The Go

Sometimes I feel like I’m never slowing down.

I’ve been meditating in the mornings. As a Christian, it takes on a different meaning for me than most meditations do – my meditations are mostly me praying and listening to see if God has something to tell me. It’s a nice way to ease into my day, as opposed to my previous habit of rolling out of bed and trying to start my day cold.

I need to continue with my good habits, even as I move through life..especially with as much traveling as I’m doing.

I’m off again this week, this time to Portland for my “muggle job” and then Denver for FitBloggin. I’m lucky enough to have someone staying at my house to take care of Olivia the Mean Cat Who Only Likes Wolfgang and just keep an eye on the homestead.

Stay tuned to my Instagram and Twitter for some on -the-run updates…might even do a Periscope or two. Like from the Voodoo Donut line ;)

The Struggle is Real.

One round of whole30 is not enough for me.

I have mumble-mumble years of disordered eating, from anorexic tendencies to binge eating to yo-yo-dieting to juice cleanses to counting calories and vegan diets and raw diets and everything in between.

I am saying this out loud because I need to speak the truth and stop pretending. I have very big problems with food.

And these problems will not go away with 30 days of healthy eating.

Some foods we have access to in this country are like drugs for me. They cause chemical reactions in my brain and my body that I crave. I love french fries. A lot. And I cannot just have one. I will have an entire family-sized box of Triscuits. I will eat a super-sized whatever meal with a large cup of corn-syrupy grossness. I know what’s in there. I can’t pronounce half of those ingredients. And I eat it anyway.

I know how my body operates on whole, healthy foods. I have done it for extended periods of time. I know I am at optimal awesome when I run my body on greens.

Yet, there is a roadblock I cannot quite identify that is preventing me from continuing on this journey.

And until I figure out what that is, I cannot succeed.

Day 30.

Today is day 30.

If you are just joining us, 30 days ago, I started my first round of Whole30. (you can see all the deets on how that works here.)

And today is DAY 30.

I wrote a post 30 days ago about how I was sick of quitting. And how I wasn’t going to quit anymore.

And I didn’t. I saw it all the way through.

I’m pretty freaking proud of myself.

What comes next? Well, I have a work trip and a trip to FitBloggin at the end of the month, or I would just start another round…as it stands right now, I’m going to have a bite or two of ice cream with my kids tomorrow and then I’ll do Whole30 eating until I leave for the trip, and then maybe a bite or two of something awesome (work trip in Portland OR = VOODOO DONUTS MAYBE. FitBloggin in Denver = SOMEBODY HAS TO SHOW ME THE BEST TREAT IN DENVER).

I’ll do a recap post soon, but for now, I’m off to enjoy my kids and my weekend.

I hope you do the same. Only not with my kids. That would be weird.

Throwing a Tantrum

I don’t really watch baseball anymore – no time and the games take so long and I just have other things to do. Sorry, baseball.

But this popped up on my feed this morning, and I couldn’t help but watch.


That is Lloyd McClendon, the current manager for the Seattle Mariners, throwing a massive tantrum because Zunino (the catcher) got ejected.

I think Lou Pinella (the old manager for our baseball team, the Mariners) was a pretty epic tantrum-er. Nobody can top his literal base-stealing (and base-throwing) tantrums in the mid 90s. I miss that dude. I think he was why I watched baseball…with Lou, it was a show. Not just a game.

The tantrum part is what I want to address though.

Google says the definition of the word “tantrum” is: an uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child. (Also, the Norwegian word for tantrum is “raserianfall“. You are welcome.)

Guys, tantrums are for kids. Tantrums are a complete loss of control, anger and frustration boiling over to where you just cannot hold it in anymore, and it busts out from all the seams. Important to note is the last portion of the definition: “TYPICALLY IN A YOUNG CHILD.”

As we grow older, most of us are expected to not flip tables and scream in public or throw wine glasses or slap people in public or throw ourselves on the ground and kick and scream.

So despite the entertainment aspect for those of us not involved in the tantrum, please go forth and behave accordingly. Nobody likes a full grown adult pitching a fit in the middle of the mall.

This has been a PSA brought to you by “I am tired of people crying over parking spaces at the grocery store” and the letter “P.”