Oh Hey Friday 12/19/2014

I’m beginning to really like these “what happened on the internet this week” posts. It’s like a peek inside my head, what I look at all week. A little scary, but BuzzFeed is a black hole you can get sucked down if you’re not careful.

1. I’ve shared this twice before on the Facebook page. But George Mason University marching band kills it with a cover of Rage Against the Machine.

2. Take a quiz on how big of a Star Wars Fanboy/Fangirl you are…..beat my score of 86!

From Star Wars Sunday by Geek Dad (http://geekdad.com/2014/05/star-wars-sunday-worship/)

3. Like running on a treadmill? Try dancing across 6 of them like this guy. It is just 6x ways to hurt myself….since I do not have the best track record with treadmills.

4. I’m on the fence whether or not I would find this unconventional ring bearer mortifying or hilarious if he showed up at my wedding…..

5. This guy, sawing a rubber band ball in half, has a lot of time on his hands. And it is so awesome.

6. Boy Wonder is now Wolfgang. Since he turned 15 (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN???!?!?!?!), he wanted a new, more manly name for the internet.

7. This guy and his “story time” makes me giggle.

8. If you’re at all a fan of amazing athletes or water or surfing or any of it, you need to check this out. Live today (12/19) as long as the waves are good.

9.  And last, but certainly not least….Star Wars. Christmas lights. Wolfgang is trying to figure out how to do this to our house next year.

Merry Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a warm and happy holiday <3

Oh Man.

Dear Wolfgang,

People on the internet knew you as Boy Wonder for the longest time. Like since you were five. Since I started writing crazy stuff about how you told the preschool teacher when you were four that she had mixed up Mars and Mercury and you were right.

Or the time you decided you wanted to read Harry Potter at age 6. And you did.

Or the time that you sat through a whole ballet at age 5 and were very patient and waited until we were well out of earshot of the opera house before declaring at the top of your tiny lungs, “well. THAT WAS SO BORING.”IMG_5927

Or the time you brought me your math homework and asked me for help and then laughed, knowing full well I do not do alphabet math. That was a month ago.

So today, fifteen years ago, I roared you into this world, giving birth to a very contemplative baby, curious and quiet and yelling only when necessary. Like when you were hungry. Which was all the time.

You are stubborn just like your mother, to the point that someone tells you that you cannot do something and you do it on purpose just to prove me (or whoever dares to say that) wrong. You are beyond smart. I am sorry I cannot help you with your homework anymore, but I am busy trying to keep everyone’s social calendars straight and make sure they all have rides home.

You are kind, even to your sister who is a handful for you sometimes. You are patient and hilarious and creative and come up with things like “sullen hipster teenager” as a Halloween costume when last minute plan changes leave you trick-or-treating with your overzealous, over-excited mother and sister.
IMG_5985You are the best son a mom like me could ask for. You are the best big brother a sister like Chuck could ask for. you are a fabulous friend, teammate and band section leader. You are an absolute joy to be around and I cannot wait to see what world you conquer next.

Just make sure you use your manners.

And don’t ask me to tie your tie again, I’m not sure lightning will strike twice on that one.

It is an honor to be your mom. I mean it.


Your Mom

ps – clean your room please.


Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend!

I KNOW….two posts in one day. BUT. As you guys may know, I have lost my mind and signed up for the RunDisney Star Wars Rebel Challenge. A 10k on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. And dead on Monday.

So the big announcements for course and bib numbers and corral placement was made today! If you don’t run, you can just ignore this post.

All of my running friends can geek out with me.


5k Course



10k Coursestar-wars-10K-course

Half Marathon (!!!!)











IMG_6874-650x340 IMG_6873 IMG_6875


I have to admit, I am a little disappointed that the half course doesn’t run past anything I can see as exciting as Angel Stadium, like Avengers….but it will be fun nonetheless! I am SUPER STOKED about the 10k being almost entirely in the parks! I am a slow-lo runner, so I am in corral E. Praying for no sweeping :D

Are you running Star Wars? Which race? Are you excited?

Oh Hey Friday 12/12/14

I liked this so much last week, we should probably do it every week. This one is a bit of a mini one, since I’m knee-deep at work with less internet-trawling time than normal.

So here, in no particular order, is a conglomeration of stuff I found on the internet this week.

1. Nothing is cuter than a baby goat. Except maybe the guy who is hand raising a baby goat who dances. He’s pretty adorable.

2. Which, if we were doing this in order, would totally be #1. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH. And all of the amazing things he did in 2014. OR 37 of them anyway.

3. I love Christmas Carols. I love acapella. Hark The Herald Angels Sing by this group (Home Free) is just stunning. Lend an ear.

4. I love Google. The doodles, the character, but this Santa Tracker thing they’ve done? Seriously puts them over the top. WTG, Googs.

And last, but certainly NOT least, I do love it when a very serious organization gets a really good sense of humor. Hate to say it (I have buddies in both branches, and hate to offend anyone), but GO ARMY.

Oh Hey Friday!

Oh hey everybody!

I’ve been trawling the internet for the past few days, while sick and yucky in my house.

I’ve been glued to the internet mostly because I have been watching Gilmore Girls and need to google half of the references they make, because I did not go to Chilton.


Here’s a list (y’all know how much I love the listage!) of awesome things around the internet this week:

1. Here are 29 ride photos that people spent a whole lot of time on. Here, for reference, is the ride photo I bought that is so amazing, completely unplanned, and occurred shortly after I asked Angela “Um, is this Space Mountain ride in the dark? I don’t like the dark.”

2. We have a great local grocery store that puts out some awesome information. Here is a concise guide to which Christmas tree is best for you and your family. And consider buying a tree you can replant in your yard!

3. I am sad that I am taking another solo trip to Disneyland in January because this Frozen-themed gem launches shortly before I arrive. And Chuck would quite literally explode from the excitement – so I hope it is an extended engagement so I can plan yet another trip where I can take the kiddos.

4. I used to love Mariah Carey. A lot. So this video of just her vocals from the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony a few days ago is really painful. I hope she just had a cold or something.


5. We got to see Mischa Collins (who plays Castiel on Supernatural) at our local farmers’ market the other day. I had to google him and explain to Chuck why everyone was staring while the Boy tried to play it cool that the first celebrity he sees is someone he actually recognizes. Dude was with his family, so we didn’t bother him. Cool guy.

6. One bride. Seven brothers. Epic dance break. 

7. If you have not seen this version of the 12 Days of Christmas, please hurry over and watch it immediately but don’t drink anything while you are watching it.


8. I am very proud of my son and the young man he is becoming. Especially since he saw the photo above and made the greatest joke. “Hey mom! Can’t drop, don’t drop the……oh.” Then ensued some great hilarity and further jokes and a lament that we had not picked up lettuce or a turnip.

9. Not sure what prompted this dude to slice open a dead shark on the beach, but the delivery of triplets made it super interesting. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK IF YOU DON’T LIKE BLOOD.

10. Last but certainly not least is one of my favorite YouTube peoples, the dude with the singing impressions, Anthony Vincent. I think I just love his hair. But honestly, he’s super talented and check his version (20 different voices!) of Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”


Hope you are all having a very lovely holiday season, and don’t forget to enter my giveaway!