Friday Funny Strip

About 5 months ago, I entered a local photographer’s contest, where there was a different prompt every day and you took photos with your family.

One day was “dress like superheroes and go save the world.”

So we went and made our own comic strip.

Without further ado, I give you “Super Cupcake and Friends”.



















Sometimes it’s tough to get up out of bed. Get up and go to a job that may not be your favorite. Have people say hard things to you and have your heart break just a smidge. Have your kids not do their chores and the cat poop on the floor again and there’s cat hair everywhere and OMG why is there hair everywhere. Oh and btw, the dryer is broken.

Sometimes things are hard.

Sometimes you really just want to lie down on the floor and eat a box of Triscuits.

Those are the days it requires more effort to get up and do your hustle. Take your small steps and make things happen.

Slow progress is still progress.


It’s been hot here lately. I don’t want to go out and do crossfit or run or do anything except lie in front of a fan.

Plus my coworkers keep bringing donuts and pizza.

So I have had to remind myself what my goals are. Do I want the donut, or do I want to dead lift more and be able to give my kids piggyback rides? (Yes, one of my goals is to give my 14 year old son a piggyback ride) Do I want to watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy (despite the fact I’m mad at that show) or do I want to go for a run so I don’t look like a doofus when I go to disneyland for my half marathon in November?

You have to figure out what drives you. What makes you move. What gets you out of bed in the morning.

Then use that as your motivation. When I drive past mcdonalds and my car tries to turn into the drive thru, I tell myself “do I want French fries or do I want to buy something fun at disneyland?”

You have to push yourself. Because nobody else can motivate you or torpedo you as much as yourself.

So make it happen.

What’s your motivation?

Joy to the World

I used to be a very angry person. I wanted to have everything go the way I wanted and when real life didn’t meet my level of expectation, instead of disappointment, I would be so so angry. I was sad too. A lot.

So I was pretty much a mess.

I couldn’t figure out why I was so disappointed in myself all the time. I never could do what I wanted. Never could meet my own expectations. I let myself down a lot.

I have to be brutally honest here, because that’s what we do here at Bruises in the Frosting. We pull back the curtain and figure out what’s up with the wizard.

I have been gaining and losing the same 20 pounds over the past two years. My high was 240, my low was 209. I am currently sitting at 218.

But I look exactly the same as I did 6 months ago. And it took forever, but I have figured out why.

I didn’t like myself enough to allow myself to lose the weight.

I didn’t like my life enough to continue with Crossfit, I thought I should stop because I was having a good time. I didn’t allow myself to enjoy anything because I thought I should IMG_1134be punished along the way to being the best me I could be. I could not allow myself to be happy on a journey I thought I should have to slog through.

Then this photo came along. I was at a waterslide park with Boy Wonder’s 8th grade class to celebrate their graduation from middle school. I was the only mom wearing a bathing suit. and I did not care.

I love waterslides, and I was not about to let a bathing suit stop me from having a good time. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines because I felt fat. Instead of spending hours at the store trying on bathing suits, I didn’t bother. Grabbed a size I thought would fit and bought it. Done.

Wore it and went on every single waterslide, while all the other moms were being all serious. Not that anything is wrong with serious, but it’s a waterslide park. Do your thing, ladies.

That was such a great day, and I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had sat at a table instead, watching the fun. I’d much rather wear the swimsuit and ride the water slides and have a photo like this.

Life is so much better with joy and fun and spreading your love everywhere, I realized. I know that may sound obvious to people, but look at your life. See where you are unhappy and figure out if your joy spreads there too. Try to have a little fun. Try to spread the love. Choose joy.

So now, I can let go of my proverbial weight to get to a healthier me now that a big roadblock has been removed! HOORAY!

Funny Saturday Story

I work at a place where I answer the phone all day. I always say the same thing when I answer the phone: “hi my name is Libby, how can I help YOU today?

People translate Libby into the oddest names, completely mishearing me. I get Ruby, Wendy, Lily and on several occasions, Larry.

My favorite by far was the very upset lady who insisted for the duration of our lengthy conversation that my name was WALTER.


So of course, now everyone at work calls me Walter.


A Change Will Do You Good

20140710-191151-69111250.jpgI have had some thoughts lately.

Thoughts about where my family is going. Where we are all headed and whether or not I want to change our trajectory. What we need to change. What we should totally keep.

There’s been a lot of reading. A lot of introspection. Some crying. A ton of praying. Some phone calls and emails to people who I admire and adore and who help me on my way.

Goals have been set. Inspiration boards planned, but not quite put up yet. (A trip to the office supply store is overwhelmingly awesome, so I have to find a time where neither kid can go.) Research has been done and plans have been made.

I am ridiculously excited about where we are headed. Where we are going to take the blog, and what we have coming up. A whole redesign. Some guest posts by Boy Wonder. More pictures of Chuck.

It’s going to be epic, and I hope you stick around.