Sometimes, things don't go your way. You get to Disneyland, but you're fighting off pneumonia on the tail end of a round of antibiotics and you just end up sitting most of the time because you're too tired to Disney. You get to go to a city you've never been before, but you make the mistake of taking a red eye in, so you're too wiped out to … [Read more...]

Five For Friday, 4/8/2016

This week has been crazy. Next week, I leave for Austin/LA. I kind of miss the days when I was bored....ha! This Five for Friday is basically all food-related. And Swedish people. And Judy Garland. I love David Liebowitz. Every time I read his posts, it makes me want to move to Paris and start baking in some ridiculously small kitchen. His … [Read more...]

Five for Friday – 4/1/16

This week has been really weird. Fighting off the tail end of a sickness, trying to get out content PLUS work my regular job, and prep for my Austin/LA adventure in 2 weeks. So of course, I've been reading more blogs when I'm not working my "regular job". Pinch of Yum (one of my new favorites) brings you 12 ways to kick your internet … [Read more...]