Taking a sick day

It’s been one hell of a weekend.

Friday brought me a “non-celiac gluten sensitivity” (or NCGS) diagnosis.

Saturday was bout day (my very first as a skater and something that will warrant its own post at some point).

Sunday brought a wicked awful cold and something that made Boy Wonder vomit everywhere.

So right now my whole house smells like puke, both the kids and I are sick (Boy Wonder is still in bed at 11am) and I cannot eat Triscuits.

I am aware I am whining. SAHMs don’t take sick days, yo.

I did hit my goal weight last Friday.


The lowest weight I’ve been at since 9 months pregnant with Chuck (who is almost 2 1/2 now). I was totally ecstatic.

Then I had pizza. And a couple of Triscuits. And a sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread. Not all at once, but in a 24 hour period. This was before my NCGS diagnosis.

And holy smokes, did I expand. Like an accordion.

I bloated up 4 pounds in 24 hours.


I was so horrified, I didn’t bother to post my Mamavation post last week. I am reading more labels than ever before.

I am having to say no to things I never thought I would, like Jello and some cheeses. Baguettes. Croutons. Pasta.

It’s only been two days of “gluten light” (I’m working my way slowly to gluten free) and I already feel eons better. And I’m closer to my goal weight than I was last week.

So I just have to realize this is the best thing for me and my poor beleaguered body and that eating gluten free isn’t too hard :)


Oh, and a poor sad sick Chuck says hello.



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    My sister has a gluten sensitivity too (and her name is Libby! ;)) I know it’s a little hard to adjust but she feels great & lost a ton of weight since she’s been off it! I hope everyone feels better soon!!
    Sarah M recently posted…Mamavation MondayMy Profile

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