Sometimes it’s tough to get up out of bed. Get up and go to a job that may not be your favorite. Have people say hard things to you and have your heart break just a smidge. Have your kids not do their chores and the cat poop on the floor again and there’s cat hair everywhere and OMG why is there hair everywhere. Oh and btw, the dryer is broken.

Sometimes things are hard.

Sometimes you really just want to lie down on the floor and eat a box of Triscuits.

Those are the days it requires more effort to get up and do your hustle. Take your small steps and make things happen.

Slow progress is still progress.


It’s been hot here lately. I don’t want to go out and do crossfit or run or do anything except lie in front of a fan.

Plus my coworkers keep bringing donuts and pizza.

So I have had to remind myself what my goals are. Do I want the donut, or do I want to dead lift more and be able to give my kids piggyback rides? (Yes, one of my goals is to give my 14 year old son a piggyback ride) Do I want to watch another episode of Sons of Anarchy (despite the fact I’m mad at that show) or do I want to go for a run so I don’t look like a doofus when I go to disneyland for my half marathon in November?

You have to figure out what drives you. What makes you move. What gets you out of bed in the morning.

Then use that as your motivation. When I drive past mcdonalds and my car tries to turn into the drive thru, I tell myself “do I want French fries or do I want to buy something fun at disneyland?”

You have to push yourself. Because nobody else can motivate you or torpedo you as much as yourself.

So make it happen.

What’s your motivation?

  • Yes, my lovely, yes!

    My motivation comes from my supports – people like you. People who are crushing it. You inspire me to get up off my couch.
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    • miacupcake

      You totally just made my day <3

  • Leslie

    True – slow progress is still progress and better than no progress :)
    Loved your 2nd to last thought!

    • miacupcake

      Thanks Leslie! <3