Paving the Way With Good Intentions

I am hu20131023-200538.jpgman. And I fail sometimes.

And occasionally I eat fast food. I get distracted by things like the girl who photoshopped Beyonce over all of the photos of her now-ex boyfriend. And then wondering how hard photoshop is.

Getting off track is easy. Getting back on track is harder, depending on when you realize you are so far off track, it’s going to take a train, a large earthmover and an act of God to get you back on track.

I had pizza. And I haven’t been to crossfit since last Monday, when it was too hot and I under-hydrated and it ended not well. I haven’t run. I am standing in the middle of off track and trying to get back on.

I know my way. I know exactly where I am supposed to be. I know how to get there. Why is it that the hardest part is actually getting on your way? Is it easier to try and fail or to lie still and hope you never have to make another decision again because decisions are hard and you are tired and just want to take a nap?

It’s easier for me to run. It is easier in the long term for me to eat a salad with this really good dressing from the community co op grocery with a can of really delicious tuna and have a large jug of water than go get a number two from McDonald’s.

BUT YOU HAVE TO PLAN TO DO THESE THINGS. The best intentions are laid to waste by lack of planning. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

I have failed to plan. I have been shifting my focus to other projects right now and I have not made time for running and my shoes are shoved in a box and I miss them and I have a 10k coming up and really don’t want to embarass my friend.

I enjoy running. I enjoy the way all of these healthy changes make me feel and I don’t want to backslide anymore. I recognize in myself that if I don’t plan and I let myself get hungry, I will drive straight to the nearest fast food place. I know I need to pack lunches or I will end up snacking from the vending machines. I need to refill my water before my shift starts or I will be thirsty and then will get a soda.

I have bad habits that I can combat with planning ahead. And it’s all easy tweaks.

I just need to keep doing them.