Pulling Back the Curtain

I had a completely different post scheduled to go up today.

But this morning sucked. I’m running on about 4 hours of sleep for the past week, my house looks like a bomb went off, I’m not sure when the last time I took a shower was, I have a cat scratch on my nose, I shook my shaker bottle full of Spark and the lid wasn’t on all the way, I miss Chuck, I ate half a pizza for dinner last night and I sobbed at my boss for fifteen minutes this morning.

So it’s not all sunshine and roses at Chez Cupcake every day. Birds do not tweet and I’m not twirling in my perfectly tailored pantsuits with my hair expertly coiffed and my children eating nothing but organic foods cooked to the style of Martha Stewart.

And that’s ok.

That’s life.

Sometimes things fall by the wayside and your nails look like garbage and one eyebrow is plucked but you got too tired to do the other one and you fed the kids lunch but forgot to make food for yourself and holy potatoes when is the last time you colored your hair and is the laundry done and do you have clean underpants? AND WHY ARE THERE SHOES ALL OVER EVERY ROOM OF THIS HOUSE??

And seriously. That is ok. You don’t live life in a bubble where nothing bad happens. Things get dirty and yes you have to deal with your ex(es) and sometimes you have to put a smile on and you really don’t want to.

It’s how you deal with those moments that define you. How you handle the crises and what kind of face you put on and whether or not you implode like a Fourth of July fireworks display.

So pull up your bootstraps, straighten your big girl/boy panties and make it happen, people.

If I can do it with this cat scratch on my nose, you can too.


  • I love you very much. I love this post even more.
    Shell recently posted…Happy Birthday BabyMy Profile

    • miacupcake

      I love you too momma <3

  • Angela

    I’ve had a very rough time these last 2 weeks, I really needed to read this.
    Thank you :-)

    • miacupcake