Holy Internet, is has been a long time since I last posted for Mamavation and I need a lot more than Hail Marys to save me. See me? Up here? On this enormous never ending plateau? Yeah. I'm still here, hanging out in the high 230s/low 240s. And I'm angry at myself. Again. I'm busting my butt doing NOTHING apparently. Be it stress or eating or … [Read more...]

No whining and no excuses.

"I'm Matt", Chuck says. I know she means she's mad...she makes this super funny mock angry face with it. Well baby, I'm "matt" too. On this, the day of my daughter's second birthday... I wanted to lose 30 pounds by today. And I've missed my goal by 6 stinking pounds. I have no excuses because excuses are for lame-ass people who want to justify … [Read more...]