Benefits of having a water filter system at home

Our body is composed of 70% water; therefore, it is important that we only consume clean drinking water. However, most people drink chlorinated water that still contains harmful bacteria and other contaminants through leaky and substandard pipes. Hence, it is important that your plumber only buys quality plumbing supplies from trusted retailers such as


Aside from getting plumbing supplies from trusted manufacturers, you can opt to have a water filter system installed in your home. Households who have water filter systems can attest that they are only getting safe and quality water.


Here are some benefits of having your very own water filter system at home:


1. Safe and clean drinking water


This is the main reason why households choose to have a water filter system at home. Tap water coming out of your faucet may be treated in your local water treatment plant, however, it is not 100% guaranteed safe to drink. Contaminants, such as heavy metals, are not removed, while bacteria may still be present when the water passes through leaky pipes.


Even if your plumber got the best quality materials from AUSTWORLD to avoid leaky pipes, your local treatment plants use chlorine and fluoride as their treatment method. When you have an advanced water filter system at home, these metals and bacteria are filtered, providing you with pure drinking water.


Drinking clean water can also prevent several gastrointestinal diseases and skin problems. Microbes and parasites on unfiltered water can cause digestive issues such as diarrhea. While skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema may be aggravated by heavy metals on unfiltered water.


Lastly, the water filter system can help lower down the pH levels of water coming from your local municipal treatment plant. Lowered pH level is better for you and your family’s health.


2. Water tastes better


Water that went through an advanced water filter system is purified, making it taste better. Heavy metals, chemicals, and contaminants can affect the taste and smell of your water.


3. Environment-friendly


By bringing your own purified drinking water you can help reduce tons of water plastic bottles that end up in landfills and oceans. Only a small percentage of this trash gets to be recycled. Plastic bottles take at least 450 years to disintegrate.


4. Cost-effective


You may shell out a few thousand dollars upon the installation of your water filter system, but you will actually be saving more money if you have a filter system at home. You will no longer have to buy bottled water because your water filter system can provide you with safe drinking water.


Another thing is that you will also be saving money from plumbing repair bills. Your filter system can help minimize the accumulation of heavy metals and chemicals on your fixtures, pipes, valves, fittings, etc. Accumulation of these contaminants can be damaging even if you have quality plumbing materials bought from


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