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Moving as form of weight loss?

I can’t find most of what I’ve been looking for the past three days.

Not because my house is an unmitigated disaster (it is, but that’s another blog post) but because I moved.

I packed up all of my earthly belongings into boxes and put them all in trucks and relocated them to another (smaller, less people-filled) space.

I’ll have to tell you all the backstory some other time when I am not sobbing or wanting to kick holes in things.

But I live in an apartment now, on the second floor. It’s nice as far as apartments go, but I hear every step my upstairs neighbors take. I hear the thump of my neighbors to the right as they do what I can only assume is jumping on the bed or the quietest sex ever.

So if that’s the case, I wonder what my footfires are going to sound like, or jump-switches….it makes me paranoid to exercise when I normally do.

Luckily, my eating hasn’t been so bad. I don’t really have time to sit around and shove food in my mouth anymore, and I am starting from scratch, so I’m not buying junk food to put in the cabinets.

I’m hoping the Mamavation Grad Campaign (read about Mamavation here!) helps me stay on track during what could derail into “sitting on the couch in my free time and mainlining Twinkies”.

So here is the weigh in from last week. I didn’t end up getting before pictures in, but I’ll get some this week.
Seeing as how I’ve been off skates for nearly two months, I haven’t done any sort of dietary monitoring, I haven’t really exercised….maintaining my year-long plateau weight is impressive.

That being said, I’m beyond livid with myself that I’m still this fat. If I never have to hear “you can’t be THAT heavy” or “you carry it well” ever again, my life will be complete. See more at 7 day diet plan for weight loss.

So here’s this week’s weigh in. Down 2 pounds! Go me! I think all of that weightlifting and up and down stairs to my apartment all day Saturday really helped

It will be back to your regularly scheduled snark and blogging soon….promise.

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