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Volunteering to Care for Animals: A Way to Make Traveling Fun

Traveling with a romantic partner, family members, or friends are the common ways to ensure a memorable trip. But did you know that there’s another awesome way to enjoy a holiday? Volunteering at a farm or park is also a great idea as you chase your dream of filling your passport with stamps. Perhaps you’re now wondering where is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, park, and conservation site nearest you to get started with this project. Your excitement is probably now overwhelming. But rein yourself for a little bit. Keep these insights in mind when choosing a place to volunteer.


Did you know that there are actually hundreds of aquariums and zoos that mistreat animals and make them do life-threatening shows? A National Geographic report says that some of the “gold standard,” World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) registered zoos violate animal welfare. Although WAZA does its best to expel or suspend these organization, it’s best not to fall into volunteering opportunities for these zoos.

When volunteering, be sure that you’re with like-minded people who are really about protecting and upholding the welfare of animals. Before you sign up a contract, read reviews and comments about the site. Know its projects, community involvement, and how long it’s been open. Check over here the history, mission, and vision of the owner.


Especially if you decide to visit other countries, be sure to research about the sanctuary’s location and weather. Get the emergency numbers of the area you’re volunteering. Yes, it’s good to rely on the kindness of strangers. But don’t be too complacent. Know where is best friends animal sanctuary and its exact location for the sake of your safety. And most importantly, avail of travel insurance.

When looking for a site to volunteer, ask if you’ll have an in-country support. Would someone meet you there upon arrival? Where would you be staying? Don’t hesitate to visit and click site to discover more about the volunteer opportunity and its inclusions.


Social connection and cultural immersion are two of the best things you’ll enjoy as you travel. Does the volunteer opportunity you’re eyeing include these exposures? How many volunteers are you going to work with? How close is the site to the city or local community? What are the cultural events you can possibly join while there? The answers to these questions can help you determine the kind of community you’re going to live with. Don’t settle for anything less. Your dream is your dream. Keep looking where is best friends animal sanctuary to ensure a suitable and memorable experience.

Volunteering to care for animals can be a life-changing experience for you. This will bring you closer to nature, learn more about animals, and really appreciate the diversity of the world. Through this experience, you’ll also meet like-minded people who are all about protecting wildlife. If you’ve considered visiting Columbia, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary is the best bet. This site is Columbia’s only animal sanctuary. Visit this page to know more about the site.

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