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Why Are Asian Foods Healthy? 4 Reasons Why They Make an Excellent Diet

According to the World Population Review, at least four countries among nations with the highest life expectancy are in Asia. They also occupied the top three spots. While many factors can affect one’s longevity, there’s no doubt diet is one of them. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to incorporate Asian food into your meals. Here’s an example:


For now, however, let’s explore some of the most common reasons why Asian diet is healthy:


1. It focuses less on meat


Meat is an excellent source of protein, but the body doesn’t need a lot of it to function. Worse, too much red meat raises the risk of chronic diseases. These can include heart disorders, certain types of cancer, and diabetes.


Asians do eat meat, but most of the dishes strive for balance. Experts suggest it tries to follow a ratio of 3:1, which means a typical dish will have three parts of vegetables for every part of the meat.


2. It uses mostly fresh ingredients


Today, Asian supermarkets feature a wide variety of canned goods, condiments, and sauces for easier and more convenient cooking.


Asians, though, also know how to start everything from scratch. That’s not all. They work on the freshest ingredients they can obtain from the grocery or the supermarket.


3. It promotes variety


Asian meals tend to be more varied than other types of ethnic dishes. Here’s a good example: Chao Catering. It’s a fusion of Vietnamese and other popular Asian options.


It’s also not uncommon for Asians to combine different ingredients to make one unique meal. The Vietnamese combine peanut oil, vermicelli noodles, nuts, and vegetables to make their vegetable spring roll.


4. It relies heavily on soup


Almost every Asian country boasts of a soup that they love to serve their family and guests. The Vietnamese have Pho while the Japanese have miso soup. The Chinese, meanwhile, dine on wonton soup as the Philippines have the likes of Batchoy and Bulalo.


These soups also lack one specific ingredient that is common in other dishes: dairy. To thicken the texture, Asians may choose coconut milk, which adds good fat into the dish.


Dairy can contain casein, a type of enzyme that some people’s guts cannot tolerate. They may be sensitive to it that they can develop allergic reactions or digestive symptoms such as abdominal cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea.


5. It matches the food with the season


Do you ever wonder why the Japanese have cold and hot soba? It’s because of the seasons. Carts and restaurants will serve the cold version during the summer and the hot one during the winter.


Studies also suggest the bounty that grows during the season is the one the body needs to combat the different health threats common within the period.


There’s no better time to try Asian dishes than getting a taste of the cuisines here: Because Chao Catering’s menus are healthy, businesses can serve them to employees once in a while as part of their health and wellness programme. Either way, they can partake a delicious meal that also takes care of their health.


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